Homeware Haul

Little extras to make your house a home on a shoestring


Apart from being spectacularly vain I love mirrors for their simplicity. You don’t have to faff about finding pictures, printing them off and trimming them down so they fit the frame. Mirrors, like this set of three pictured below sit above our bed in a point and play the light around the room beautifully all for £5.99 (what a bloody bargain!) They’re super lightweight so there’s no worries about any damage to walls, which as a renting tenant is something I, unfortunately, have to worry about! They really changed the feel in our bedroom so I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a quick fix to spruce up a room.


Metallic Accents

This is surely the easiest and cheapest way to add a bit of glam and style to your home without turning into Liberace. Little pieces such as the candle holder below or a bigger piece such as my giant stopwatch clock are soo cheap and accessible. I’ve chosen silver accents in my home because of the heavy use of grey and blues that are in our furniture but rose gold and copper items are hugely popular at the moment and add warmth to the smallest of rooms. Amazon, Primark and of course my favourite The Range all do heaps of cheap options online and in store.


Everyone bangs on about their £120 candles and I’ve given Yankee candles a go and burnt a Jo Malone and admittedly they are lovely (if not slightly sickly) but it doesn’t need to be this way.
In fact, I recently picked up 4 pillar candles for around £2 a set from LIDL of all places! Pretty much all homeware outlets do fabulous and widely ranged scents for very little and effortlessly creates a cosy, welcome atmosphere even in the most sterile surroundings.


A Tall Lamp

Okay I’m aware this isn’t possible for everyone but if you have the means I highly recommend a tall lamp. Our silver based, pleated shade tall lamp quite literally changed the entire look of our living room. I was struggling to make the living room/dining room the heart and hub of the house with the limited space and awkward layout but a tall lamp pulled the room together, made the area feel more sophisticated and added an interesting diversity in height levels in the room. If you’re struggling to find a unique lamp, try your local vintage/antiques centre as most do some fab options for very little (beware of the dodgy 60s wiring though…).


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