No Nonsense Sensitive Skincare Routine

I am very careful which products I use on my skin, not because I have particularly bad skin but because I have the most over-dramatic and hypersensitive skin going.

I avoid anything perfumed, glittery or unnaturally coloured because the likelihood of trying anything remotely interesting results in a rash that resembles bubonic plague and the texture of sandpaper. It’s just not worth the hassle.

I would love to try the ultra-luxurious miracle products that have moon dust and 24k gold in them but there’s just no point, it will end up being lobbed in the bin whilst my skin re-enacts the Wizard of Oz scene when the wicked witch starts melting.

And so, I opt for my sturdy favourites that get the job done.


My sensitive skincare routine:

  1) I’ll be honest, I don’t have the time or patience to spend half an hour a night with an OTT skincare routine. Nine times out of ten I let the shower work it’s magic and wash my makeup off my face leaving a nice puddle of mascara under my eyes.

2) I then get the worst of it off with a trusty 99p Superdrug sensitive face wipe (cruelty free, inexpensive, no messing about).

3) It sounds trivial but using an extra-large rectangle cotton wool pad instead of the small round ones is soo much better and makes cleansing your face much easier, more thorough and avoids moving the dirt around your face. I squeeze some Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Lotion onto the cotton wool pad and gently wipe my face and neck with it in an upward motion to get any final dirt or makeup from the day out of my pores, and the upward motion helps to circulate the blood in your face and remove dead skin cells.

4) Once I’ve cleansed my skin, it’s time to whack on some toner. I use the sister product of my cleanser, Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner, and pour the product onto a fresh cotton wool pad and dab it onto my skin in the same upwards motion as before. I never really used to know what toner was for until recently so in case you’re thinking WTF?: toning the skin (obvs), refreshing, moisturising and protecting your skin whilst preventing any ingrown hairs from eyebrow/upper lip waxing or plucking.

5) By this point I’ve had enough and want to dive into my bed so I finish off by putting my moisturiser on my face and neck (don’t forget the neck, you’ll regret it when your neck starts looking like the offcuts at an abattoir), I will either use Simple Rich Moisturiser which really does the job (my boyfriend says it smells like granny breath… whatever that means…) or a plain emollient which is accessible pretty much anywhere and for very little, it won’t upset your skin and is water based meaning you know you will be super moisturised in the morning (and luckily for Harry doesn’t have any odour).

Superdrug’s own brand and Body Shop also do excellent skincare for sensitive skin and are all cruelty free and vegetarian.
Never sleep in your makeup and that includes when you’re stumbling in at 6am – if I can remember to take it off you can.
My personal advice would be to avoid anything that promises you a ‘glow’, it’s more likely to be full of chemicals or materials that will upset your skin. Natural products that keep your skin healthy and protected should allow your skin to have it’s own natural glow, and if not let your makeup do the talking!

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