Beauty Review: Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

Having followed YouTuber and blogger Tanya Burr for the past few years I was intrigued and excited to try her range of cosmetics when I stumbled upon them in my local Superdrug. Tanya has a whole range of cosmetics available from eyebrow palettes to body illuminators to nail varnishes but being a bit skeptical of ‘celebrity’ cosmetic brands I decided to play it safe and pick up a couple of her lip products…



The first product I tried is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Matte Lip in the shade Martha Moo, after Tanya’s Dachshund puppy, which is a really pretty muted red matte liquid lipstick.

BAD(ish) POINTS: In the bottle it has a more browny-pink look that has become associated with Kylie Jenner which is more what I expected the formula to look like rather than a deeper red tone. Something I would like to see in the future would be testers provided but this is more likely down to Superdrug than Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

GOOD POINTS: Regardless of the colour, the formula for this shade is excellent! Very quick to apply, one coat is all that is needed and dries with a smooth velvety finish. Martha Moo has become my new go-to red and because of the muted nature of the colour I’ve found it goes well with different shades of red so there’s no comparing shades before a night out. The staying power is very good, I’ve worn this to work and it lasted well for 8 hours and made it through lunch with no major reapplication needed. With a tap of highlighter in your cupid’s bow this is a really gorgeous lip which looks a lot more expensive than the £5.99 price point.

Hat’s off to you Tanya!




I honestly don’t know what happened here… this has to be the most bizarre colour/formula I’ve tried.

BAD POINTS: After loving Martha Moo I was excited to try the more everyday, pretty peachy pink shade Puppy Paws appeared to be in the bottle, how wrong I was…

I don’t know if this fluorescent neon rave pink colour was intended but it was certainly not what I had expected. Heinous colour aside, all could be forgiven if the formula matched Martha Moos, however, instead I got a gloopy formula which dried as I was applying it making it impossible to create a flawless finish, flaky once applied and opaque in places where the formula wasn’t consistent. I’m hoping that this perhaps was a dodgy batch and that her other colours didn’t perform in this way but I won’t be buying another to find out! I didn’t let this lipstick stick around to test its longevity but the less time the better.

GOOD POINTS: I’ve never been happier to take a lipstick off – however the only thing I’ll say for it is it doesn’t look quite as bad in photos.




After my Puppy Paws mishap, I was hesitant in trying another lip product from the range but I kept seeing Tanya using her silky finish lipstick in Pink Cocoa in her YouTube videos and loved the brown-based pink tone and instantly imagined it in my ever growing lipstick collection.

BAD POINTS: As this is a silk finish lipstick, it doesn’t have the staying power I am now used to from using liquid matte lipsticks and so if you’re after something that lasts all day (or night) without budging this isn’t the lipstick for you – it wouldn’t stand a chance against a Big Mac.

GOOD POINTS: Despite the longevity issues of this lipstick, I was pleasantly surprised! It’s a lovely shade with pretty classic gold packaging, and a shade that would suit all skin tones. Enriched with vitamin E it feels really moisturing and can go with pretty much any makeup look, a real all-rounder from work to the club – all for £6.99!



Francesca x


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