Sunday Best

Sunday is my new favourite day of the week.

A day I used to dread for fear of looming deadlines, exams and general academic dross has turned into a day where it’s acceptable to be in my preferred state of being: guilt free laziness.

Sundays are now spent either hungover rotting on the sofa with a Domino’s hanging out of my mouth or, like today, spent at my parents’ house having a civilised roast in the middle of the countryside.

This means that dressing efforts need to be minimal, the palette neutral and yes, even on a Sunday, I’m wearing a (very small) heel.

If you do happen to venture out of the house this Sunday, this is my current go-to Sunday get up:


Grey Wool Maxi Coat – Topshop (similar), Pink Choker Jumper – Glamorous for Topshop, Frayed hem Jamie jeans – Topshop, Heeled pink pumps – New Look (sold out), Watch  by Olivia Burton (similar)


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  1. Watson says:

    You are very nice. Have a great day! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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